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The rail industry thrives on safety. At Simple Systems Consulting, we are dedicated to providing expert consultancy services that empower you to achieve and maintain the highest safety standards.

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At Simple System Consulting, safety isn’t just a priority, it’s our passion. We offer a comprehensive suite of rail safety consultancy services designed to keep your operations running smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly, without incident.

Our Services

RAMS and Engineering Safety Management

RAMS and Engineering Safety Management are two intertwined concepts that are crucial for ensuring the safety and smooth operation of systems, particularly in the complex world of railways.

Safety Management Systems

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a structured framework organisations use to proactively manage safety risks in their operations. It's particularly important in high-risk industries like railways, where ensuring the safety of employees, passengers, and the public is paramount.

Operational Safety Risk Management

Operational safety risk management (OSRM) is a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and controlling risks that could disrupt the safe and efficient operation of a railway system. It's a vital component of ensuring the safety of personnel, passengers, cargo, and the surrounding environment.

Human Factors Integration

Human Factors Integration is a crucial concept in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of complex systems, especially in the rail industry where human interaction is vital for smooth operation.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Quantitative risk analysis is a method used to assess risk by applying numerical data and statistical techniques. In contrast to qualitative risk analysis, which focuses on descriptive categories (high, medium, low), QRA aims to assign probabilities and potential consequences to various risk scenarios.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a strategic approach that organisations use to identify, assess, and manage risks across their entire operation. It's essentially a company-wide effort to pro-actively deal with potential threats and seize opportunities that could impact achieving their objectives.

Our team consists of seasoned rail safety professionals with a deep understanding of regulations, best practices, and the unique challenges faced by the industry.